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Course Profile

This course will be for students that are learning about the ways to deal with stress and anxiety in the emotional aspect of the health curriculum. We will study the ways that students can deal with stress and anxiety in healthy ways.

This course is targeted for students are that in grades 4 which include ages 9-10.

The format of this course will be made for blended and synchronous. Blended meaning we will access resources or activities both on the computer and in person assignments.

Course toolset:

Platform will be Microsoft teams. Assignments will be given in person then later made available to students on the teams. All communication will also be made available to students on Microsoft teams. each student has access and their own account made available to them by the school.

Assessment: Participation, on-going assignments, quizzes, journaling and end of unit paragraph writing. A rubric will be used to assess students work as well.

Learning Objectives: In order of the Indicators:

a. Develop and use respectful language to talk about stress (grief, loss, fear, anger and expectations. To describe the intensity of feelings on a rating scale of 1-10.

b. Communicate an informal personal understanding of stress. (reaction of worry)

c. Explore the responses one may experience as a result of stress (heart rate increase, blushing, knots in stomach, dry mouth, sleepless, loss of concentration).

d. Determine how people react differently to stress (cultural traditions, role models).

e. Recognize potentially stressful situations and examine possible reaction to the experience.

f. Analyze common coping strategies for managing stress.

g. Examine and discuss media portrayals

h. Describe strategies (writing in journal, seeking guidance from a trusted adult/elder, talking with a friend, participating in cultural ceremonies, reading material about managing stress (death, divorce, loss)

This will be made for students that are enrolled in a First Nation Community so cultural strategies will be incorporated such as the use the knowledge keepers, elders and the Plains Cree language.

There are students that enter the grade 4 classroom with special needs every year so this course will be made and modified for these students. Each students personal learning plan will be implemented in the lessons. The learning plan is provided to the teacher for thier own planning needs to help with students learning. These needs were put in place by the special education teacher with the help of specialist that have observed and spent one on one time with the students.


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